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Credit Card Reward points.

Reward cards are a way for credit card companies to give a little back to their customers. You can take advantage of this by selecting a rewards card that gives you rewards for doing what you do anyway, be it paying for your pet, shopping online, booking a holiday, or going out for a night on the town. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some examples of rewards cards available:

Pet Rewards Visa
This card can be personalized to display a photo of your pet, or the card holder can choose from three stock designs. It’s a good choice for pet owners with feed and veterinary bills. Card holders receive 500 bonus points after their first purchase, plus one point for every dollar spent on everyday purchases. Two points are earned for each dollar spent on purchases from participating vet clinics, feed stores, pet stores, and animal food retailers. Customers can start earning rewards with just 750 points accumulated, and those points can be put toward veterinary services, discount certificates for pet food, and donations to animal shelters.

Platinum Visa Card
If you do a lot of shopping online check out the retailers points system as an example at the retail giant Amazon.Com. When shopping with this card, you will earn 1,500 bonus points after your first Amazon purchase. After that, you will earn 3 points for every dollar spent on Amazon.Com, and 1 point for each dollar spent on purchases elsewhere. For every 2,500 rewards points you earn, you will get a $25 Amazon rewards gift certificate. If you add authorized users to your account, they will earn points for you with their purchases, too. Additionally, the card comes with a zero-interest introductory period of six months, and no annual fee. They even offer online management reports to help you track your spending. This sounds like a pretty sweet deal for frequent Amazon customers.

Freedom Points Visa
This card was designed with everyday living in mind. Just about anyone could take advantage of the rewards it offers, because reward points are earned through common purchases – groceries, gas, and fast food. Eligible purchases, which include just about anything you can buy at a grocery store, gas and service station (including repairs and car washes), or quick service restaurant (including coffee houses), will earn you three points to the dollar. Card holders earn one point for each dollar spent everywhere else. Rewards can be claimed starting at 1,000 points. Also, there is no annual fee, and no interest for up to six months.

Visa with WorldPoints
If you like the finer things in life, and you frequently go out for entertainment, this card can help you get good seats, last-minute reservations, and hard-to-find gifts for someone special. How? The Visa Signature with WorldPoints features a personal concierge service. Card holders earn one point for every dollar they spend, and can redeem the points for preferred seating at sports, entertainment, and other events. Travel upgrades are also available, and at a discount. No annual fee, no interest on balance transfers or cash advance checks for one year, and absolute fraud protection make this card a tempting option.

Before using a rewards style credit card make sure you do your research so you maximize the earning points and discounts to put toward purchases you would frequently make anyway. This makes life a little easier, which is a reward in itself.

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